We design and help execute Experiential Marketing installations that help you break new ground in interaction with your customer.

VR / MR Experiences
Wall Mounted Displays
Free Standing Displays
Custom Shaped Displays
Experiential Zones
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Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality Experiences

VR / MR Experiences are on the cutting edge of the experiential marketing toolkit, and combined with 360 VR Videography, are an excellent way to share an experience, a vision or a celebration. From Factory tours to corporate profiles, and machine operating procedures to emotionally loaded virtual reality experiences, we can work with you to find the perfect VR / MR solution for your need.

Wall Mounted Custom Displays

Featured here is a mockup of a project delivered for the marketing wing of a luxury real estate project. A wooden abstract structure evoking the exterior of the building was constructed and detailed profile of the project and its services were projected onto it. This was controlled via a remote operated by the prospective client or the marketing representative.