OnSeed services the Music & Entertainment industry fulfilling a variety of essential roles, from conceptualising the visual identity of the festival right up to designing the stage and visual setup.

With an aesthetic trusted by the best in the country and abroad, we understand the importance of putting on a good show for the audience, and this translates into the high impact environments we design for your events.

Stage Concept & Design

OnSeed designs and executes high quality music festival stages that are technically cutting edge, globally relevant aesthetically and visually exhilarating.

Through smart integration of digital displays, we create dynamic structures that come alive at showtime. Combining fabrication, controlled lighting, lycra work and sculpture we draw on our involvement in the digital art scene for inspiration.

We provide concept sketches, 3d rendered mocks of the stage, strucural diagrams, blueprint references, etc and work closely with the production teams to ensure seamless transition from concept to reality.

Custom Content & Live VJ

The Live Visual experience at a music festival is crucial for the party and our performances are custom crafted to thrill. With a team of VJs and Artists who perform wit the biggest and the best, our live shows are dynamic, gripping and on point.

Even the most well designed stages often fail to impress because the content isnt dynamic enough or it looks the same as the rest. OnSeed custom content can often make the difference between a unique experience and an average one.

Designed precisely to fit your stage shape and dimensions, and thematically synced with your event and its headlining acts, custom content helps to quickly switch the mood completely between successive artists or distinguish different days on the same stage

Canopies & Lycra

We're partnered with India's leading Festival decor team - HybridUV - and we design, produce and rent premium lycra based canopies and environments for parties and events.

Identity & Branding

Our design studio partners with and provides cutting edge visual identities for some of India's best Music Festivals and for many labels and events across the Globe.